Thursday, May 24, 2012

High on Summer Time!

Woo hoo!! It's officially my favorite time of the year...SuMmEr!  Honestly, it could not have snuck up on me any faster.  If someone told me I still had a couple weeks of school left, I'd believe them.  This year has just flown by.  This weekend is Memorial Day? May has nearly come and gone? Crazy.  

Now don't get me wrong, even though Summer seemed to come a knockin' fast, I've definitely opened the door and welcomed her right on in with great pleasure!  Even today, my first official day of summer, I've embraced my summer norm of not showering nor wearing any makeup just in case it gets sunny enough to go lay out.  I just might forget what it looks like to get ready for the day.  

To keep from completely boring you and to adhere to my own blogging rules, I'll sprinkle some pics of things I've done over the past couple of summers.

2009- Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  So much has changed since then; Jana didn't even have kids!
Despite my personal hygeine laziness (don't worry, I've brushed my teeth & changed my underwear..TMI?), I have been very productive in other areas of life.  Back in January I bought a One Year Bible and decided  this would be the year where I actually start and FINISH it in a year.  Today I had some time to do some catching up so I can stay remotely close to meeting this goal.  I've also been very productive with my grad classes.  I officially have a video on youtube thanks to the poetry project I had to do, but sad for you it's unlisted so as not to be viewed by the public.  Luckily.  I've stayed busy writing papers, responding to posts, and reading.  Now I'm enjoying "You've Got Mail" on TV.  See what I mean? Busy, busy.   :)

2009- New York City w/ Jana, Mom, Grandmama.  Let's do it again!

2010 & 2011 Roadtrip to Wisconsin where Dad had business meetings

2011- Gulf Shores, AL to nanny for this cutie & her sister
Wow, I've had some great summers in the past!  We'll see what's in store for Summer 2012!

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