Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Yes, I realize this post is a few days overdue, but it's never too late to honor your dad.  And I was actually getting to spend Father's Day with my dad, so we're good with the tardiness of the post.  Now on with it....

Here's to the greatest Dad ever! (Really)

He's been a loving husband for 32 years and an awesome dad for 28!  He's a man of deep integrity, great character, and has the ability to befriend just about any one in no time at all.  Just ask Frank and his posse of 7 other Chinese college students studying at OSU.  My parents sat at a table with them at a banquet for MaKenzie, struck up conversation, and next thing we know 8 Chinese students are staying at our house in GB on their way out to Colorado.  Makes friends with everyone. 

The quality I admire the most in my dad is his walk with God.  The word of God flows so naturally out of his mouth that you can tell he daily spends time reading it, getting quality time with God. He gives great, biblical advice and always has our best in mind.  He and I have been having daily phone calls for a while now where I'll call him in the mornings on the way to work and we chat briefly about our day ahead and pray for each other.  That's something  I've really missed this summer.  He can definitely be a goofy one and lose track of time pretty easily, but he's the best guy in the world.  Love you, dad.

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