Monday, June 11, 2012

Successful Summer

What makes for a successful summer?  Mornings filled with reading and school work, afternoons soaking up sun at the pool, attending weddings (lots), spending time with good friends, and a decent amount of free time in between.  I've had high attendance of all of the above, so pretty successful so far.  What better way to spend some free time then by making a sign for Beach Barbie for the airport?

Beach Barbie (MaKenzie) is spending the summer in Destin, FL at Student Mobilization's nine week summer project.  StuMo is the campus ministry she's involved in at OSU and now she's getting to spend her summer in the Sunshine State working at the Polo Outlet during the days and growing in her walk with God through Bible study, speakers, and conferences.  This is the same program I nannied for last summer only I was in Gulf Shores, AL. 

Anyway, BB flew back to GB for a wedding she was in and I got to pick her up from the airport.  So what better way to greet a loved one then with a homemade sign....with glitter?!  :)

  • Markers....check
  • Glue..........check
  • Scissors.....check
  • Scrapbook paper....check
  • Glitter........check
  • Sonic Happy Hour...check

The best way to use a measuring cup? To pour glitter for crafts, of course.

She's too nice to say it embarrassed her.....but I'd say it took her by surprise a bit.  Jana's husband, Matt, saw it once we got to GB and simply said, "Looks like you've got plenty of free time."  I'll take that as a compliment.  Very successful summer so far :)

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