Saturday, June 23, 2012


I recently attended my fourth wedding since May...tis the season.  If you read Jana's blog, and you should, then you've already heard a great rendition of our cousin, Nathan's wedding.  Feel no pressure to read because it's likely to be similar pics, but it never hurts to hear my version. Right?

Nathan and Brooke threw a western rehearsal shin-dig where we busted out the boots and hats.

Howdy folks!

Cader didn't get his nap & had his pouty face mastered.
 The wedding was later Saturday evening, leaving us the day to make our way around the highlights of the carousel at the mall.  Cade was very excited for this and then once we'd committed, meaning we were on the moving ride, he put up a bit of a fight.

Not looking good for our ride
Thanks to my great nurturing skills, we quickly got it turned around and he realized it was fun!

The wedding was beautiful and we definitely owned the dance floor at the reception.

Cousins picture

Sisters pic...minus Florida Barbie

After all the wedding festivities I stayed an extra night with my grandparents for some extra hangout time with them and my aunt and uncle's family who were in from North Carolina.  And yes...we did this...

Went to the casino
My aunt and I ended up walking out with $5 bucks each...can't complain. Hope you all are enjoying your summer! 



  1. And what excellent nurturing skills you have, Auntie G!

  2. And by aunt, she means "really too young and cool to be my aunt, yet she actually is my aunt." Right?