Thursday, April 26, 2012

Girls Night Out

I'm playing catch up from January on this post.  Jessica came across these pics on her camera and we thought they were blog worthy.  Three of the four of the roomies, (I'd insert the house name here if we had one, but we don't....sad) enjoyed a night out together when we first moved into the new place.  Jessica had a groupon for appetizers at Oeno, a very sophisticated wine bar here in Wichita.  Said place is also home to fantastic flavored mojitos (and I'm not a "go out & have drinks" kind of person, so they must be good!) 

We decided to split their spinache artichoke dip and a yummy strawberry shortcake dessert.  So good!  Seriously, even as I type this three months later, my mouth begins to water at the thought of their artichoke dip.  Gotta put that place back on the list to go in the near future. We also enjoyed some sort of raspberry, orange mojito.  Tasty.

Ignore the fact that we're all leaning a bit strange :)
 The next weekend we're all around, let's do it again, girls!  (That could be months from now...)

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