Monday, April 30, 2012

Blogging Coach...

that's me! A blogging coach.  Jessica #2 (yes, I live with two Jessica' never run into two Gentry's, ever)  Anway, she just mentioned to me that she'd like to start a blog and would like my help.  You can only imagine how giddy I got at the thought of helping someone else express themselves via blog.   Lately I've become very excited about blogging and allowing people near and far (ok- mostly family & very dedicated friends) to keep up to date on the silly, randomness of my life.  Several of my friends would rather do the whole twitter thing and don't see the advantages to blogging, so clearly I was very happy to offer any help to a new blogger ready to set loose on the open Internet.  So coach I shall.  In honor of coaching, I'll include some of my basic blogging rules.

#1 Keep smiley faces :) to a minimum...they get annoying (this is actually Jana's rule, but I'm in full support)
#2 Try to include a picture in every post to keep readers interested (see below)
#3 Keep complaining & "negative nancy" tendencies to a minimum (my own personal goal...)
#4 Proof read!!!! (Nothing drives this English teacher more crazy than spelling & grammatical errors)
#5 Don't overuse the exclamation point !!!! (Broke that in rule #4, but was necessary)
#6 Keep posts short & sweet unless they're absolutely hilarious. 

I'll now be abiding by my rule #6 and peacin' out till next time.  I'll definitely link Jessica's blog when she's up and rolling.

Must have a picture...must be excited for summer.

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  1. Agree with all of these rules however #6 I sometimes I have trouble with.